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Following Links to Other Websites:

Throughout our website, we may include links to information on other websites. We provide these links solely to help you find additional information about a topic. Once you leave UNB's website, you will be subject to the privacy and security policies of the owners/sponsors of the outside website.

UNB's Linking Policy:

File Formats:

  • UNB is committed to providing information and data in formats that most people for whom it is intended can use. When we provide data, we try to provide it in a format that lets the intended audience aggregate, separate, manipulate, and analyze it, as needed, to the extent possible.
  • Some documents on our website are in Portable Document Format (PDF). These documents ensure that you will be able to obtain publications in their original format regardless of what type of computer, browser or operating system you use to access the Internet. In order to view, navigate through and print PDF documents, you must first download the free Acrobat Reader software. Instructions and a troubleshooting guide are available on the Adobe website. For best results, make sure you install version 3.0 or later of the Acrobat Reader. If you're using screenreaders or require alternate versions of Adobe Acrobat, you may find it useful to visit Adobe's alternate reader download page.
  • Some of our documents are in other proprietary formats (that means they use a software that you normally would have to buy, to use the document). When we do post information or data in a proprietary format, we do it only when we are reasonably sure that the intended audience already can access files in that format. Following are links to free viewers, to help you see documents in proprietary formats:
  • UNB will provide a printed version of a web document to anyone who does not have access to the web, upon request.

    Answering Email

    • UNB is committed to providing excellent customer service. Email generated by UNB's web products will be answered promptly, using email whenever possible.
    • Normally, web-generated email should be answered within two business days.
    • If a reply requires more research, it may take us 2 weeks or more to answer your questions. In those cases, we'll let you know that we're working on it and tell you when to expect a response.
    • If you send us email that we can't answer we will respond within two business days with a response, and where possible, provide direction.
  • Disclaimer:

    Hypertext links to other sites are for the convenience of our Web site viewers and do not constitute any endorsement by United National Bank. Please be aware that the Internet sites available through these links, and the material that you may find there, are not under the control of United National Bank. Therefore, we cannot and do not make any representation to you about these sites or the materials available there, and the fact that we have made these links available to you is not an endorsement or recommendation to you by United National Bank of any of these sites or any material found there.